Our Team

Green Wolf Technologies

Our core business solutions are derived from a unique set of partners, providing best practice solutions for maximum value for all technology and "Day 2" managed service solutions.

The Green Wolf Technology visionaries are honored to be part of a team with such talented and forward-thinking professionals.

Affilate of FluidSecure and Trak Engineering, Inc.

Trak Engineering has  focused on fuel management for over 36 years.  Using their expertise, they developed a system that targets smaller fueling operations that have historically been overlooked. FluidSecure is an efficient, cost-effective fluid management solution that is “Simply Smart and Affordable.”  It delivers more and costs 5 to 10 times less than traditional fuel management systems.

Square Mile Systems

Square Mile Systems, Inc. enables IT Departments to improve the delivery of ICT services and reduce operational costs. They assist and achieve an end to end understanding of your entire enterprise infrastructure, providing a "Day 2" managed service solution. This provides the ability to have key planning tools, eliminating or mitigating risk, allowing smoother infrastructure change, less costly deployments, and global access to a common documentation and ticketing system.