FluidSecure LINK

Simple to Use

The fueler simply enters their information on their Smartphone.  The Smartphone communicates to the FluidSecure LINK to turn on the pump.  The Smartphone then transmits all the data to the FluidSecure CLOUD software via cellular communication.

One FluidSecure Link is required per hose

FluidSecure LINK with Smartphone Access One FluidSecure LINK is needed per HOSE - connects to Power and Meter

Virtually anyone can install the system in less than two hours

The solution was designed with the customer in mind; virtually anyone can install it in less than two hours.

FluidSecure Solutions Include

Unlimited Vehicles 

Unlimited Users 

Unlimited Gallons 

Unlimited Database Storage 

Free Hardware Installation Support 

Free Hosting 

Set-up Support

Free Reconciliation Support

Free Training 

Support 24/7 

Lifetime Warranty 

Daily Backup

Warranty for life

The FluidSecure LINK is warranted for life with the monthly hosting/extended warranty fee.  FluidSecure LINK is replaced asap if any issues arise. The database and app software is always up-to-date with the latest versions.