FluidSecure HUB

Multiple Hoses

FluidSecure HUB is a pedestal with a 10” Tablet installed inside the pedestal. The tablet is positioned with a tilt to make it easy to see in the bright light. To ensure the system can be out in all weather conditions the system comes with a Cover, Fan, and Heater.  There are no wires/conduit between the Pedestal and the Pump(s).  One FluidSecure HUB can control up to 4 Pumps/Hoses.  The location of the pedestal does require the customer to have 110 or 220 power and cellular service at the pump.  The Tablet works exactly like the Smartphone.  It will ask for Personnel Identification, Vehicle/Equipment ID, Odometer, and Hose Number.

HUB Includes

1. 10"  Tablet - 16 GB memory.  

Trak supplies the tablet and one-year data plan.

2. FluidSecure HUB housing, with cover, heater, fans, to hold the Tablet. 

3.  A 6” by 1½” Cylinder FluidSecure LINK that connects to each pump to turn it on/off. 

4. A Pulser connected to the pump. 

5. The Software App for the Tablet. 

6. FluidSecure CLOUD database software.

Cloud Application

FluidSecure HuUB uses the FluidSecure cloud-based application.